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Welcome to my website. I hope you will have a look around and enjoy yourself. I've spent my whole life working towards what I am today.

On April 24th, 1985, the world welcomed T. Russell Heimlich into the world. I was born and raised in Columbia Maryland, right smack-dab in the middle of Baltimore and Washington. My early childhood years were spent playing with Legos and developing my imagination. In elementary school I was interested in art, but still payed attention to the other subjects. In fifth grade (1996) I started skateboarding, and my creativity took off.

After two years of good fun and dedication skateboarding led me to my first video camera, which was also my first creative outlet. On Christmas day, 1998, my parents surprised me with a Sony Hi-8 camcorder to record the antics of my friends and I. Videotaping led to video editing and I quickly became involved with non-linear editing on my computer. in 1998 I won the grandprize for a video editing contest sponsored by the biggest skateboarding video magazine in the industry, 411vm. My reward was a free trip to skate camp in Visalia California. This great honor was the driving force pushing me onward in my creative career.

High school helped me further my craft, but there were no video classes being offered, so I had to learn everything on my own. My friends were failing chemistry class sophmore year and needed something to bring their grade up in a hurry. They came up with the idea for a video, and I helped them produce it. The project was a huge success, everyone loved it! (Even though there wasn't much chemistry in the video) The Chemistry Video spawned H-Cubed Productions and the following year we produced a sequel entitled The Physics Video. Once again, another hit.

By senior year (2003) I had decided that I want to make a career out of video editing and enrolled in the mentor program. I was set up with the owner of a small production boutique called Coastal Productions. For the whole year of my study I learned the ins and out of a real-life working video house. My final project was a documentary about an annual mentor conference along with a short commercial for the promotion of the mentor program.

In the same year I produced "Be Careful What You Wish For", a humerous short film featuring three men stranded on a snowy mountain. I published the film to and entered a DVD version with behind the scenes footage to Videomaker Magazine for their 17th annual short video contest. I won an honorable mention for BEST DVD.

Over the summer I met a wedding videographer and worked as his assistant on various jobs. My responsibilites included setting-up/packing-down and videotaping B-Roll footage. This is where I developed my camera skills while working with a Sony VX-2000.

In the late fall of 2003 I moved to Philadelphia to attend The Art Institute of Philadelphia where I am currently pursuing a major in Digital Media Production. I am actively involved with the Digital Icons Production Club and various freelance opportunities around the area.




  • Vegas+DVDA by Sony
  • Final Cut Pro by Apple
  • Director by Macromedia
  • Dreamweaver by Macromedia
  • Photoshop by Adobe
  • Particle Illusion by Wondertouch


  • Sony VX-2000
  • Canon Digital Rebel
  • PC/MAC



I spend most of my spare time reading and interacting with different things on the internet. I enjoy taking photos with my Canon Digital Rebel, shooting and editing short video projects with my friends, authoring DVD's, exploring Macromedia Director, and designing/maintaining web sites (like this one!)